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We take pride in each and every roof, no matter what style you choose

Architectural Laminate Shingle

This style is the most popular among PNW roofs. We offer 2 options here, both of which are the leading shingles in their respective class. Highly algae resistant shingles to prevent streaking, Polymer Modified to extend life by ~65%, and rubberized to increase impact resistance, among many more benefits. These are both Top-Performing Shingles!

Designer/Luxury shingle

These shingles are designed with performance and luxury in mind. Meant to imitate the appearance of Cedar Shakes, yet offer the low maintenance and longevity of asphalt shingles. These shingles last longer than laminates, stand up to higher winds, are more aesthetically pleasing, and increase resale value of the home. They also offer the longest algae resistance warranty, the highest impact rating, and the strongest warranty. Ask us for more information on these shingles and you will be impressed.

Premium Accessories

A roof consists of more than just shingles. We specialize in the entire package of high-performing accessories; our roofs are a complete system! Ridge Ventilation, Metal Valleys, High profile ridge cap, Galvanized base boots and Metal vents. These are just a few of the ways we separate ourselves into a higher level of distinction!

We chose Malarkey and they chose us!

Our Certification is truly a Partnership. They chose us for our experience, reputation, and processes, and we chose them for their superior products, history, and commitment to excellence.